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Before & After Examples
Broken ceramic ancient vessel
Pottery repair with gold - Kintsugi

Broken Ceramic Repair Lessons
(click pictures)

Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson
Cementing only lesson
Fixing broken vase - more complex repair
Restore vase lesson
Cementing, filling, coloring and glazing broken antique plate
Restore plate lesson including coloring
kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold
Kintsugi - mending with gold
How to repair crack in ceramic
How to fix ceramic crack
Restoring multi breaks and missing piece antique bowl
Restore bowl lesson w/ missing pieces
How to paint broken china, ceramic or pottery?
Painting pottery after repair
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Sculpting missing pieces
Cybis Arion Boy on Dolphin - Repair Broken and Missing Finger
Miniature repair w/ missing finger
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Making missing part w/ fired clay
Repairing broken stone sculptures and statues
Repairing broken stone sculpture
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Bronze sculpture repair
Repairing broken plaster of paris tall lamp
Plaster lamp repair w/ missing parts
How to remove old epoxy from old pottery or china
Removing stains
How to remove old epoxy from old pottery or china
Removing old glue
Restoring small porcealin figurines - shoe
Miniature Porcelain
Repairing Broken Moroccan tagin
Repair Moroccan Tagin

We Repair and Restore:
Broken ceramic
Broken pottery
Broken sculpture
Broken china
Broken figurine
Broken statue
Broken doll
Broken dish

Broken porcelain
Broken stoneware

Chipped plate
Chipped vase
Chipped bowl
Chipped figurine
Chipped jag
Chipped dish

Chipped china
Chipped stoneware

Chipped porcelain
Cracked pottery
Cracked ceramic
Cracked china
Cracked porcelain
Cracked bowl
Cracked vase
Cracked plate
Cracked platter
Cracked dish

.. and more

Lakeside Pottery offers professional ceramic repair and restoration services for individuals, collectors, antique shops and museums. We work with ceramic, porcelain, pottery and stone

Below are some example of our ceramic, pottery, porcelain, sculpture, resin, plaster and china repair and restoration capabilities. If you decide to proceed with learning what will a repair and restoration cost for your item will be, please visit this link.


Antique porcelain vase - Before

Antique porcelain vase - After

terra cotta statue of an african boy - chattered

Terra Cotta sculpture chattered

african boy terra cotta sculpture restored
Terra Cotta Bratby statue after repair
Broken antique ceramic music box repaired and restored antique porcelain music box

chinese figurine broken - resin

Chinese nude statue repaired and restored
Antique chinese horse sculpture broken
Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty Burial Terracotta Horse & Rider - Before
Ancient chinese horse sculpture repaired
Terracotta Horse and Rider - See repair process and examples
Large stone sculpture broken to many pieces with some missing pieces
Large sculpture - see how it is done

Shona stone large sculpture repaired

World war II pilot award cup

WW II pilot award cup restored

Broken Wedgewood ceramic plate /clock
Wedgewood clock broken
ceramic Wedgewood plate / clock reapired
Wedgewood clock restored
restored Italian bowl
Broken ceramic bowl
Broken decorative plate before restoration
Broken plate with missing pieces

Restore decorative plate - singing lady
Decorative plate restored

White vase broken

Kintsugi Repair - white vase
Antique Marbro ceramic lamp broken
Ceramic Marbro lamp broken
Restored antique Marbro ceramic lamp

Antique pitcher - many pieces
Large broken sailor figurine
Sailor figurine restored
Broken Canaanite / israeli ancient pitcher
Broken Canaanite ancient amphora
Broken Canaanite / israeli ancient amphora
Canaanite ancient amphora restored
Stoneware pitcher - broken
Stoneware pitcher - broken

Broken Pre-Columbian Central American Terracotta Figure

Pre-Columbian Central American Terracotta Figure repaired
Restored Pre-Colombian statue. See on left the broken state of arrival to our studio -- it arrived broken, with missing pieces and with old repairs that were required to be reversed.
Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty broken ceramic sculpture
Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty
statue broken with missing pieces.

Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty broken statue
Sculpted new fingers -fired clay

Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty broken statue
Large gaps in neck, legs and arms

Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty broken statue
Sculpted new neck and elbow

Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty woman figure - reapir process
Before painting and antiquing. Below - all completed

Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty statue restored
Statue restoration complete
Broken Colorado Alabaster Navaho sculpture by Alvin Marchall
Broken Colorado Alabaster Navaho sculpture by Alvin Marchall
Restored Colorado Alabaster Sculpture

Restored Colorado Alabaster Sculpture

19th Century English porcelain owl oil lamp - broken
English owl oil lamp - broken
19th Century English porcelain owl oil lamp - restored
19th Century English porcelain owl oil lamp - restored
Sidney Clopton Lanier bust broken and previously inproperly restored
Sidney Clopton Lanier bust broken and previously improperly restored
Sidney Clopton Lanier bust broken and previously inproperly restored
Sidney Clopton Lanier bust restored

Resin sculpture broken

Resin sculpture repaired
Ziegler Shaffhaussen Creamer with broken spout and handle
Broken Ziegler Shaffhaussen

Ziegler Shaffhaussen Creamer repaired
Ziegler Shaffhaussen repaired
Gold teapot lid after restoration
Antique ceramic gold coated
broken gold ceramic lid - need repair and restoration
Repaired and gold restored

broken picasso pitcher
Picasso ceramic pitcher before

picasso ceramic pitcher restored Restored Picasso ceramic pitcher Chattered antique bathing vase - many pieces
Antique large pitcher chattered
Antique bathing vase restored
Pitcher restored
Imari plate broken to many pices
Large Imari plate broken see process
Antique Japanese Imari plate restored
Large Imari plate restored

Broken antique vase
Broken vase with missing pieces
Restored antique painted vase
Restored antique vase

Broken hand painted jar

Side B

Side C

Broken chines horse and rider
Deacon Jones Football hall of fame bust - need of reapir
Deacon Jones Pro Hall of Fame broken bust. Came broken, missing pieces, layer of law cost painting
Deacon Jones Football hall of fame bust - through repair process
Several cracks pegged with brass rods
Deacon Jones Football hall of fame bust - Pro hall of fame
Painting process - see process here
Deacon Jones head figure - restored

Broken antique ceramic coffee pot

Broken elephant terra Cotta pot

Side B

broken german stein

German stein with broken handle
Very broken ancient ceramic vessel
Ancient Roman pot broken

Chattered antique bathing vase - many pieces
Vessel restored - See repair steps
Broken Moche Spouted Vase
Moche vase with missing pieces
Moche Spouted Vase - restores
Moche vase - restored

Raku woman figure sculpture broken to pieces
Ceramic woman sculpture, Raku fired broken in shipment
woman sculpture- - ceramic raku all restored

Broken ceramic umbrella stand
Ceramic umbrella stand - broken
Repaired ceramic umbrella stand
Restored umbrella stand
Rakue sculpture in mid reapir process

Frances Palmer Pottery
Frances Palmer Pottery

japanese wood fired bowl broken

wood fired bowl restored with gold - kinsugi traditional japanese ceramic reapir with gold and lacquer broken lenox bowl with gold rim lenox bowl repaired
broken sedak lamp

sedak lamp reapired and restored
broken very large italian terra cotta vase large italian vase repaired and fixed
broken green ceramic  goose

ceramic goose repaired broken ceramic carousel horse carousel ceramic horse restored
mexican toro the snake goddess - broken
Toro Mexican Goddess - broken

Ceramic Mexcican statue restored - toro, the goddess
Antique Marboro ceramic lamp broken
Antique Marboro ceramic lamp broken
Llardo figurine -- girl with lamp mising leg and ear

Llardo figurine restored
Italian antique planter broken
Italian antique planter - broke
Italian planter restored
Restored Italian antique planter
broken antique porcelain chinese plater

chinese porcelain platter restored broken ceramic antique lamp base ceramic lamp base repaired
Imari Japanese Antique plate - broken
See how it is done

restored Imari Japanese Antique plate Broken porcelain shoe figurine
Tiny shoe broken to many pieces
Ceramic shoe figurine repaired
See this shoe repair process

broken derutat platter

Deruta Italain large ceramic platter restored Early american broken stoneware bowl
Broken early American bowl
Restored early American stoneware bowl
Ceramic bowl restored
Broken tall antique velevet pitcher

tall antique velvet pitcher restored Madonna and child plaster statue - broken to many pieces Madonna and child plaster statue restored - 24 inches
Madonna and Child Plaster Statue
broken antique Vienna porcelain figurine

Vienna porcelain figurine missing hand and sword Vienna  porcelain figurine restored
broken ceramic pumpkin lanten

restored ceramic lantern broken ceramic baby shoe restored ceramic baby shoe
clown hand painted plate broken

hand painted clown plate restored
Gouda holland Pattern Vase  - broken

Gouda holland pottery Vase early 20 century dutch vase
Roseville daffodil vase broken
Roseville iris vase repaired
broken lime stone sculpture
Broken lime stone sculpture

lime stone sculpture restored
Repaired - see how it is done
mexican skull sculpture broken butterflies mexican skull sculpture repaired
Broken Royal Worcester figurine

Royal-Worcester-Figurine repaired and restored
Royal Worcester restored
Royal Doulton figurine with missing hand
Royal Doulton - missing hand
Royal Doulton figurin repaired
Repaired - see how it is done
Southwestern Indian Maiden Motif plaster lamp broken to many pieces

Southwestern Indian Maiden Motif plaster lamp repaired and restored Nippon humidor with a broken lid Nippon humidor with a broken lid restored
raku african fish platter

raku platter restored Antique italian wine decanter - broken Antique italian wine decanter - repaired
African "The thinker" sculpture broken
"The thinker" sculpture broken

"The thinker" stone statue repaired
Shona soft stone, "family" statue broken to many pieces
"Family" stone statue broken
Shona spring stone, "family" statue restored
"Family" stone statue restored
Broken vintage yellow fiesta vase

Vintage-yellow-fiesta-vase repaired
Fiesta vase chip repaired
Broken jar
Broken Lollypop jug
restored ceramic jar
Jug repaired - see how it is done
S.W.A.K Zebra clock broken
S.W.A.K Zebra clock broken

S.W.A.K Zebra clock repaired
Clock restored
Broken novelty ceramic clock
Novelty ceramic clock repaired
Italian pitcher with broken handle

Italian pitcher with broken handle restored Antique Fruit Bowl - broken
Antique salt box restored
Antique Fruit Bowl - restored
Antique salt box restored
World war II memorial  plaster statue broken

World war II memorial  plaster statue broken wall tile with flower - broken broken wall tile with flower -  restored
Italian tureen's lid broken to pices

Italian tureen's lid restored French Veuve Perrin Broken Plate - castle scenery French Veuve Perrin Broken Plate all restored - castle scenery
broken ceramic planter

Ceramic planter restored Buddha garden stone statue with broken head and missing ear Restored Buddha garden stone statue
Broken lantern lid
Broken Lantern

lamp / lantern after repairing
Repaired Lantern
Broken Limited Edition Signed Laszlo Ispanky horse
Laszlo Ispanky horse - broken
Limited Edition Signed Laszlo Ispanky horse
Laszlo Ispanky horse - restored
Broken shona stone sculpture
Broken Shona stone sculpture

Soapstone sculpture restored
Shona African stone restored
Shona Sculpted Stone Art - require restoration
Broken Shona African sculpture
Repairing and restoring aftrican soft stone shona sculpture
Repaired stone sculpture
Broken Prometheus, greek statue - rakued
Broken raku statue

Prometheus - repaired and restored greek statue - rakued with multiple colors
Restored raku statue
Cobra plaster sculpture broken
Plaster sculpture repaired
Alberto Spinetti dog sculpture - 6 feet tall
6 feet tall Alberto Spinetti - broken
Restored Alberto Spinetti dog sculpture - 6 feet tall
6' tall Alberto Spinetti - restored
broken sculpture
Broken tall urn

repaire resin sculpture
Tall urn restored

Broken antique lizard vase
Broken antique vase

Repaired antique lizard vase
See this vase restoration process
broken italian vase with many pieces
Broken Italian vase - multi colored

tall italian vase repaired
Tagine broken to many pieces
Broken Moroccan Tagine
Tagine's lid restored
Tagine's lid restored - see video
wall hanking ceramic plaque - broken
Ceramic flower plaque

Ceramic picture restored
Wall hanging ceramic art restored
broken porcelain figurine
porcelain figurine - fixed
broken ceramic sculpture with missing pices
Bust statue broken with several missing pieces

See repair process
repaired and restored ceramic sculpture
Bust restored

Two lips vase - broken

broken-royal-doulton-solder-figurine royal-doulton-solder-officer-restored

Broken -terra cotta large decorative hanging platter
Large terra-cotta plater broken

Restored hanging large terracotta platter
Wall hanging platter repaired
Antique Mexican piture - broken
Mexican pitcher broken
Antique Mexican piture - restored
Terra cotta pitcher restored
broken ceraic porcelain poodle dog
Large ceramic poodle broken

restored ceramic poodle
Poodle restored
broken antique terracotta sculpture
Antique statue broken and chipped
restored ceramic sculpture - terra cotta
Antique statue repaired
broken multimedia sedona terra cotta vase - broken
Sedona vase broken - many pieces

sedona terra cotta vase repaired - with copper
Vase restored
soft stone african elephant scylpture - broken
Verdite elephant with broken trunk
shona stone elephant sculpture - repaired
Elephant trunk restored
Limoge teapot - broken - french porcelain

Limoge teapot restored - broken handle

Broken Roseville Ewer spout

Roseville ewer restored
broken terra cotta
Terracotta wall sculpture broken

restored terra cota
Wall sculpture restored
Broken antique ceramic church
Broken ceramic antique church
Broken antique ceramic church
Antique church - restored
Broken painted italian antique roof terra cotta tile
Painted roof tile - broken

restored italian painted roof tile
broken italian bowl

restored Italian bowl Broken mexican terra cotta groom sculpture
Broken mexcican terra cotta bride
Broken Mexican sculpture
Mexcican wedding terracotta sculpture -after repair
Restored Mexican sculpture
Hummel Violin girl figurine - before repair
Violin girl Hummel - missing bow

Violin girl Hummel figurine - with restored violin bow
Santa plate - before repair
Santa plate - before
Santa plate - after repair
broken tall stoneware vase

restored stoneware vase
broken terra cotta figure
See sculpture restoration steps
tera cotta figure - mended and colored
broken italian serving platter

mended and colored italian serving platter
Broken antique trivet

Antique trivet repaired
Chipped teapot lid needs repair

Chipped teapot lid repaired
patina sculpture figure - broken

repairing and matching patina sculpture broken teapot before repair
Teapot - before
restored antique teapot
Teapot - after

broken lid
Broken jar lid

jar lid repaired
Repaired jar lid
Broken chaina toes
repaired ceramic mini toes

Chines urn - repaired Broken antique box made in "accupied japan"
Antique Japanese Salt box
Japanse salt box restored
Antique salt box restored
royal-copenhagen-broken tray

royal-copenhagen platter repaired and restored whistle-for-your-milk brokenand chipped cup whistle-for-your-milk repaired
broken urn lid

restored urn lid italian porcelain broken dove italian porcelain repaired dove

broken antique chinese plate repaired chinese antique plate

Broken antique english plate retored antique english plate
Broken handle on a mexican pitcher

Easter rabbit - broken ear Easter rabbit - repaired and restored
broken stoneware ceramic lid

stoneware ceramic lid restored
Broken Italian plate - multi colors

Repaired and restoration - italian plate broken mexican statue Mexican statue restored
Broken wedding plate

restored wedding plate Broken lamp broken lamp 60% complete
See this lamp restoration steps
multi color platter broken

multicolored stoneware platter repaired
Broken stoneware vase

vase repaired and restored
Broken chinese dog statue

chinese dog statue repaired

Broken ceramic fish dish

ceramic fish dish repaired
broken baby foot print plate

baby foot print plate restored Nippon vase with missing handle Nippon vase with new handle
Broken raku ceramic

Raku ceramic restored  - wishing well pot broken stone statue
Broken sculpture with missing foot

Sculpture repaired

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