Pottery made to order | repair and restoration studio in Southern Delaware

Ceramic, pottery and sculpture repair on-line estimate
Delaware, USA

Our art restoration services include 3-D objects of all kinds and brands - modern, antique or ancient, ceramic vessels, statues, sculptures or figurines. Seamless, Kintsugi or Ancient style repairs

Before starting, be ready with:
1) Object's dimensions
2) Clear photos showing damage details
3) Photos of broken pieces facing up

Estimate request form - kintsugi quotes

Important Info:

- A separate form is required for each project

- Our Minimum charge is $250 per item for the seamless repair option

- This process is the only way to receive estimates

- Objects can't be larger than 24" or heavier than 25 lbs

- We handle projects from the USA and Canada only

- The restored item will be as durable as new but can be used for display only once restored - more