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how to repair broken ceramic

Professional or Home DIY Repair?

When piece of pottery is broken, the damage can be extensive and therefore unsalvageable without using a professional restoration studio. Other times, the broken pot is just chipped or with only a couple of breaks and the repair can be handled at home without using a professional restorer. Professional restorers, however, have the capabilities that are often can not be done at home given their expertise, experience and more sophisticated tools, materials and equipment.

If the broken pottery owner decides to conduct the repair at home DIY, then the steps to fixing chips we have generated a step-by-step lesson with only a few required steps and materials.

Professional Repair vs. Home Repair

Many damaged ceramic or pottery vessels can be repaired at home with relative ease. Basic pottery repair process is involving a choice of adhesives and some simple tools. Most home repairs will leave some traces of the repair work without the best results until more practice is gained. With valuable pieces of pottery or with great sentimental value, it is often better to have the item fixed by a professional.

how to repair broken pottery

Capabilities of Home and Professional Repair

Most home pottery repairs that are just glued together typically end up with the repair work is still visible. The repair can be improved further if the right filler is applied with the repair work can be less visible. In these cases, chips are filled in and missing pieces are replaced with hand fabricated parts. The repair can be even further improved when the item is painted with color-matched acrylic paint matching the colors and designs of the broken vessel.

Most home repairs are not capable of producing the "seamless" or "invisible" repair and is typically can only be accomplished by an experienced professional. A piece of pottery reaching this level of repair will look like it has never been broken All chips, cracks and missing pieces are replaced or filled. Painted items are color-matched and glaze with the correct sheen level is applied.

how to fix broken ceramic

IMPORTANT: Ceramic restoration materials are not food safe, liquid or heat proof (over 190 degree F) and repaired items should not be used on cooking or food serving ware more...

Glue only ceramic repair job Professional ceramic repair job
Glue only repair Professional repair - see all steps


Breaking or chipping a piece of pottery can be reversed. Deciding on when to do a repair at home or when to use a professional is not a difficult process. You need to determine if the piece is valuable or sentimental, if you have the ability or skill level to do the repair, and what quality of repair is required. If a home DIY repair is the way to go, repairing chips, breaks, and small missing pieces is an easy process once the correct materials are selected.

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