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Do it Yourself Ceramic Repair Kit

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Broken Ceramic
Repair Lessons
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Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson
Cementing only lesson
Fixing broken vase - more complex repair
Restore vase lesson
Cementing, filling, coloring and glazing broken antique plate
Restore plate lesson including coloring
kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold
Kintsugi - mending with gold
How to reapir crack in ceramic
How to fix ceramic crack
Restoring multi breaks and missing piece antique bowl
Restore bowl lesson w/ missing pieces
Cybis Arion Boy on Dolphin - Repair Broken and Missing Finger
Miniature repair w/ missing finger
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Making missing part w/ fired clay
Restoring small porcealin figurines - shoe
Miniature Porcelain
Restorer Supplies, Inc. and Lakeside Pottery developed a ceramic repair and restoration kit for the Do It Yourself users (DIY). Through our ceramic repair and restoration tutorial and "How to" lessons, very frequently we received the following question: "Where can we purchase the materials Lakeside Pottery Restoration Lab uses but in smaller dose and with a reasonable price?" We finally put this professional materials kit together for you to use. The kit contains the materials we generally use in our restoration lab but in smaller quantity and at a reasonable cost. See below.

For ceramic, china, pottery and porcelain repair and restoration tutorials see links on left
(click pictures for step-by-step instructions and illustrations).

To purchase this kit visit: Restorer Supplies, Inc.

porcelain and ceramic repair kit
Items included in this kit:
1. Mending Clear Epoxy
2. Magic Sculp - fill in material
3. 18 Color Paint Set w/2 brushes
4. ColdGlaze - Professional Grade
5. Stir Sticks (10)
6. Mixing Cups (10)
7. Single Edge Razor Blades (2)
8. Instruction PDF

1. Clear 2-part Mending Epoxy:

This is a fast setting very high strength epoxy adhesive. Supplied in a syringe pack for easy and accurate measuring, which reduces wastage. This adhesive can be mixed with micro-fine colors to make any color adhesive to match the item being bonded.

best clear epoxy for ceramic repair

Note: The above kit includes instructions - Instructions

Do it yourself repair kit

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