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Making a Hedgehog from Clay

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Clay Hedgehog Project

What better way to learn about a hedgehog and its spines, than to make one for yourself using the simple pinch pot method.

Make two balls of clay
Form two equal sized balls of clay, approximately 1/2 pound each.
Make a hole in center of clay ball
Hold ball in left hand and push right thumb into the middle of the ball leaving about 1/4" - 1/2" thickness at the bottom.

widen the hole - pinch pot
Slowly and evenly pinch the clay, starting at the bottom rotating the ball, moving toward the top edge. Leave about 1/4" thickness at edge.

Make clay walls thinner
score both halves of pinch pot
Once both pinch pots have been created, score with a pin tool both edges.

Apply slip and conect two halves
Apply slip heavily to one pot.
Connect two pinchpots
Join pots. They might not fit exactly, this is fine. Slide the back of the thumb from one pot over seam onto the other.
Smooth shape
Once the seam is completely sealed, air is trapped like a balloon and the object can be altered to create desired shape by gently rolling and pressing.

Add hedehog head
To form a head, make another much smaller pinch pot and attach it to body form using the slip and score method described above (not shown).

add hedghog legs
Add legs and feet, always remembering to slip and score everything.
make hedge hog hedgehog spines
To form spines, roll small pieces of clay into approximately 1/2" long coils.

Fold in half
connect spines
Press folded end onto clay body, smearing and smoothing as you go.

finish hedge hog legs

make an opening on bottom
Cut a hole on the bottom to allow air to escape while drying and during firing. Also, create an air passage between the head and the body.

clay hedgehog completed

making ceramic clay hedgehog - glazed

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