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Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson
Cementing only lesson
Fixing chipped Italian platter lesson step-by-step lesson
Chipped pottery repair lesson
Complete ceramic repair lesson | cementing, filling, painting and glazing
Complete ceramic repair lesson
How to Replace Stoneware Crock's rim using the potter's wheelHow to replace Stoneware crock's rim
kintsugi - mending broken pottery with golden jointery
Kintsugi - mending with gold
How to repair crack in ceramic
How to fix ceramic crack
Restoring multi breaks and missing piece antique bowl
Restore bowl lesson w/ missing pieces
Restoring ancient pottery steps
Restoring ancient pottery steps
Lladro figurine - Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Sculpting missing pieces - Lladro
How to paint broken china, ceramic or pottery?
Painting pottery after repair
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Making missing part w/ fired clay
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Bronze sculpture repair
Restoring large stone sculpture / statue
Restoring stone sculpture / statue
Plaster figure / statue reapir
Plaster figure / statue reapir
Heavily damaged ceramic figurine repair
Heavily damaged ceramic figurine repair
How to remove old epoxy from old pottery or china
Removing old glue

Below are pottery step-by-step lessons, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. This information was compiled using our many years experience running a pottery school, studio and art restoration facilities.

HOW TO:  Learn Wheel Throwing | Tips and Tricks

HOW TO: Learn Wheel Throwing
Tips & Tricks

  • How to Throw a Pot? Step By Step Tutorial
  • Removing Thrown Pot Off the Wheel / Bat?
  • How to trim a Pot? Step By Step Tutorial
  • Choosing The Right Clay | Wheel Throwing
  • Stage Throwing and Trimming a Large Plate
  • How to Throw a Very Large Bowl - Tutorial
  • Surface Texture on Thrown Pottery
  • Tools and Tricks | Pottery Surface Texture?
  • How to Make Large Hookah / Shisha Bowl?
  • How to Make Chicken / Poultry Waterer?
  • How to Make Mug and Pulling Handle?
  • Video: Throwing Lesson
  • Video: Trimming Lesson
  • Video: Roulette Gear Surface Texture
  • Video: Wheel Chatter Texture Tall Forms
  • Video: Wheel Chatter Texture Flat Forms
  • Video: Throwing Large Platter With Coils
  • Tips and Tricks on Plates and Platters
  • Weight of Clay For Different Pottery Ware

  • HOW TO: Learn Wheel Throwing | Tips and Tricks

    HOW TO: Learn Hand Building Projects

  • Hand-building Methods
  • Handbuilding Projects Ideas
  • How to Make Large and Small Coiled Pots?
  • Choose The Right Clay For Hand Building?
  • How to Construct Clay Quilt | Hanging Art?
  • How to Construct a Large Slab Project?
  • How to Construct Clay Vase? Slab Lesson
  • How to Decorate Pottery using Sgraffito?
  • How to make a Pinchpot Clay Hedgehog?
  • Soft Hump-mold Sculpting Tutorial
  • How to Make Ceramic Water Font?
  • How to Make Starfish and Sea Animals?
  • How to Make Ceramic Shoe, a Slab Project?
  • How to Make Ceramic Tiles and Flat Forms?
  • Easy Way to Make a Tray Using Push Foam
  • Impressing Patterns and Texture in Clay
  • How to Make a Ceramic Ocarina?
  • Children Projects at Lakeside Pottery
  • Kids Animal Projects at Lakeside Pottery

  • HOW TO: Repair Broken Ceramic, Pottery or Sculptures
  • How to Fix and Mend Broken Pottery?
  • VIDEO: How to Repair Broken Pottery?
  • How to Repair Chipped Pottery or Ceramic?
  • How to Fill a Large Hole, Crack or Gap?
  • How to Remove Old Glue or Adhesive?
  • How to remove stains from antique pottery?
  • How to Repair Broken Pottery With Missing Pieces and Matching Colors?
  • How to Replace Broken Stoneware Crock's Rim Seamlessly?
  • How to Fill Missing Broken Ceramic With Fired Ceramic?
  • How to Repair Broken Stone Sculpture?
  • How to Add a Missing Miniature Piece to a Broken-Figurine Using a Pin?
  • How to Repair Broken Ceramic With Hairline Crack Using a Peg?
  • How to Mix Colors? Basic Theory, Air Brushing or Paint Brushes
  • How to Repair Ancient Vessel?
  • Kintsugi: How to Repair Pottery with Gold ?
  • PVA or Epoxy - Which Adhesive is The Best For Ceramic Mending?
  • How to Restore Ancient Pottery? Illustration
  • Bronze Sculpture Repair - Can It be Fixed?
  • Super Glue or Epoxy - Which Adhesive is The Best For Pottery or Porcelain Repair?
  • Tools Materials in a Ceramic or Sculpture Restoration Studio
  • Where to Purchase Ceramic Repair Supply?
  • Identifying Porcelain and China Ware Marks

  • FIRING: How to, Solve Problems

    FIRING:How to, Solve Problems

  • Electric Kiln Firing and Tips
  • Fire, Melt and Fuse Glass With Ceramic?
  • How to Estimate Electric Kiln Firing Costs?
  • How to Select The Right Kiln Shelves?
  • Lakeside Pottery Raku Guide
  • How to Choose a Bisque Firing Temperature?
  • What Are Clay Drying and Firing Processes?
  • Reduction Firing
  • All About Kiln Vent
  • Transformation of Ceramic Materials Relative to Temperature
  • How to Troubleshoot an Electric Kiln? Guide
  • Q&A on Cones

  • Cracking while Drying
  • GLAZING: Recipes, How to, Solve Problems

    Recipes, How to, Solve Problems

  • Our Mid-range (Cone 6) Glaze Recipes
  • Firing , Melting & Fusing Glass on Pottery
  • How to Mix and Using Glazes?
  • Glaze Sinking to Bottom
  • Glaze Cracking, Shivering, Crazing, Dunting
  • Dipping Glazes
  • Understanding Glazes
  • Can Matt Glazes Be Used With Food?
  • What is Crazing and How to Solve it?
  • What is Shivering and to Correct it?
  • Pinholes and Pitting Issues and Solutions
  • What is Glaze Blistering and How to Correct
  • What is Glaze Crawling and How to Correct
  • Dry Glaze Mixing Instructions
  • Lead in Pottery or Ceramic
  • Clay, Glaze and Firing Toxic Material List
  • Successful Glazing At Lakeside Pottery
  • Ceramic Decal Basics

  • HOW TO: Improve Your Pottery Studio

    HOW TO: Improve Your Pottery Studio

  • Making Wedging or Clay Recycling Table
  • How to Choose The Right Clay?
  • How to Make Bulk Slip and Clay Slurry?
  • Simple Way Preventing Clay Clogging Sink
  • How to Reclaim Bone Dry Clay and Scraps?
  • Magic Water, Magic Mud and Paper Clay


    Pottery Studio Information

  • Pottery \ Ceramic Glossary and List of Terms
  • Where Does Clay Comes From?
  • Glossary of Ceramic Raw Materials
  • Clay and Pottery Brief History
  • Why Do They Call It Throwing?
  • The Value of Clay and Pottery in School
  • Isaac Button, Soil Hill Pottery, the last true English Country Potters | Video
  • Iranian Woman Potter Using an Ancient Technique. Pirtaj village in Iran
  • See Steven Hill Slide Show | YouTube
  • Ceramic Repair Lesson | YouTube
  • Why Have Pottery in School?
  • Handbuilding Pottery Projects Ideas
  • Kids Pottery Projects
  • Kids Animal Pottery Projects
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