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Sculpture Repair Services - Woman Bust
Sculpture Repair and restoration services

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Repair Lessons
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Fixing broken plate lesson - basic lesson
Cementing only lesson
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Bronze sculpture repair

Fixing broken vase - more complex repair
Restore vase lesson
Remove old repair, Mend the broken segments, fill gaps, sand filler, paint and glaze the repaired areas
Pottery and ceramic repair - all steps
kintsugi - mending broken pottery with gold
Kintsugi - mending with gold
How to repair crack in ceramic
How to fix ceramic crack
Restoring multi breaks and missing piece antique bowl
Restore bowl lesson w/ missing pieces
How to paint broken china, ceramic or pottery?
Painting pottery after repair
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Sculpting missing pieces
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Making missing part w/ fired clay
Repairing broken plaster of paris tall lamp
Plaster lamp repair w/ missing parts
Repairing broken stone sculptures and statues
Repairing broken stone sculpture
Restoring small porcealin figurines - shoe
Miniature Porcelain

This project came in a very bad shape - it was restored several times previously using poor techniques and wrong colors. See some of the steps taken to restore it to it's original shapes and colors.

Sculpture Repair
Broken bust with missing pieces
Bust Repair
Use clay to make and kiln fire missing pieces

Stone Sculpture Repair
Cement missing newly made pieces and sand

Use new made missing pieces & fill in cuts and marks

Sculpture Bust Repair
Use iron rod to connect head to body

Plaster Sculpture Repair
Attach rod with 2-parts epoxy
Sculpture repair process
Fill in all gaps, sand and polish

Sculpture Repair and Restoration
Determine base colors and spray using high-end acrylic paints. How to paint repaired ceramic
Restoring a broken bust sculpture
Paint fine details
Statue repaired and restored
Apply protective coating - side view - complete

sculpture restored
Front view - complete
Statue repaired and restored
Back view - complete

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