Repairing Broken Ceramic or Pottery
Fixing Broken pottery or ceramic

Large Stone Sculpture Repair and Restoration

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Repair Lessons
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Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Bronze sculpture repair
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How to Replace Stoneware Crock's rim using the potter's wheel
How to replace Stoneware crock's rim
Remove old repair, Mend the broken segments, fill gaps, sand filler, paint and glaze the repaired areas
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Repairing broken stone sculptures and statues
Repairing broken stone sculpture
Restoring small porcealin figurines - shoe
Miniature Porcelain
How to paint broken china, ceramic or pottery?
Painting pottery after repair
Restoring ceramic sculpture with missing pieces using fired clay
Sculpting missing pieces

Repairing a Large Shona Stone Sculpture With Missing Pieces

This 200 lbs Spring or Shona stone sculpture came to us very broken. The objective was to put the sculptures together using metal rods to insure proper structural integrity. Than, we had to sculpt, with clay, the missing pieces, fire them in a kiln and cement them in place. All cracks, chips and dings had to be filled, polished and treated. The stone multi-colors required painting details and the glazing / waxing had to match natural stone luster. Stone luster needed to be absorbed by the added materials / fillers without any build up. Any build up would have made the finished effect look like a ceramic vessel and not a stone. Note: This repair is not suitable for outdoors use.

Mending Epoxies used:
* PC-11 Epoxy
* PC-7 Epoxy
* PC- Clear Epoxy

Broken African Shina sculpture
Very broken stone statue

Place stainless steel rods in stone
Drill & bolt pieces using stainless steel rods
Verify rod's lproper ength
Match bolts fitting with drilled stone

winch part to verify fit
Use winch to lift and place accurately
Reenforced walls of antique vessel
Stone sculpture repair

stone statue restoration
Drill one or two hold per stone piece
repairing stone sculpture
More stone drilling

how ro repair stone sculpture
Adjust drilling depth
Soft Spring stone repair
Place rods in drilled holes

How to make missing piece for  a broken stone sculpture
Dry run proper fitting
What kind of glue to use for stone sculpture repair
Epoxy rods in place using PC-7 Epoxy

What kind of glue to use for stone sculpture repair
Place over rods with PC-Clear Epoxy
How to cement broken stone sculpture
Move on to smaller and missing pieces

making missing pices for stone sculpture
Longer rods where pieces are missing
Can stone sculpture be repaired
Dry run fit and adjust alignment as needed

How to repair shona stone sculpture
Epoxy in place using PC-Clear Epoxy
How to repair broken stone statue
Inspect missing pieces

Using clay to make missing sculpture pieces
Sculpt missing pieces with clay
Stone figuring repair
Remove, kiln-fire, and place made pieces

matching stone sculpture filler colors
Mix natural pigments with PC-11 Epoxy filler for proper color
stone statue color restoration
Test filler for right color match
How to paint repaired ceramic

Invisible stone sculpture repair
Fill and polish surfaces with correct texture

Can broken stone statue be repaired
Cure at 140 degree F for a couple of days

Customer Note Post Restoration

Removing Scratches from Soft Shona Stone Sculpture

How to: Repair scratched sof stone (e.g., Shona, Spring) sculpture. Click picture for lesson details

Cementing and fixing broken stone sculpture lesson and how to Cementing and fixing broken stone sculpture lesson and how to

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