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black base primer color applied with air brash

Hall of Fame Bust Repair Illustration - Deacon Jones

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This project is the personal plaster bust of David Deacon Jones awarded to him from the NFL PRO Football Hall of Fame. It arrived to Lakeside Pottery Restoration studio broken, cracked, with missing pieces and several layers of previous repair and painting attempts. The photos below show some of the restoration process steps.

Broken plaster bust - deacon jones
Deacon Jones bust base broken the several pieces

bust discolored and cracked
Several cracks

Discolored with layers of paint

Dings and marks
base broken to fragments
Fragments close up

large crack
Installed copper pegs along the cracks
B72 treatment required for consolidation
Copper pegs

resin mold taking of bust corner
Impression of missing corner - using resin
resin corner ready
Resin corner
resin corner installed
Resin corner cemented and enforced with copper pegs
bust base sanded and polished
Fill and sand base
base ready for coloring
Base ready for coloring

brass pegs inserted in deacon jones cracked bust head
Grind slots for brass pegs in head
brass pegs epoxied
Epoxy pegs

Fill pegs and create hair texture

black base primer color applied with air brash
Air brush base color
fine filling and sanding
Fine touch up of pinholes and small marks

Ready for patina brass effect

Gold base patina applied with air brush
Air brush in gold

24 hour cure time at 140 degree F
Cure at 140 degree F for 24 hours
patina process
Apply patina effects. More about painting
deacon jones bust restored - profile view
Completed - side view

deacon jones bust restored - front view
Complete - front view
Deacon Jones statue in the Football hall of fame
Several cracks

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